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It's hard to believe my books have the capacity to reach so many. I sit in my home on Australia's South Coast, and I feel like my world expands about as far as the black swans I watch feeding on the sea grasses in the bay beneath my window. But just like the wading birds who spend summer here and then take off to the Northern Hemisphere during winter, my words also take off on a life of their own. They find their way to Cambridge, Kansas, Prague, Denpasar, Calcutta... all over the world. You write to me and I gain as much pleasure as when a migrating bird returns to our wetlands. Maybe even more.

Your generosity in sharing your enjoyment of my books keeps my butt in this chair, watching the waders rather than out disturbing them in my kayak. I suspect our local sea birds thank you, and so do I.

New Releases

  • Falling for His Island Nurse

    Harlequin, March 2021

    For single dad Dr. Angus Knox and his little son, a move to Shearwater Island for a slower pace is just what they need. Angus just didn’t count on the intense pull he feels to new colleague nurse Freya Mayberry! She’s super professional, but there’s something behind her smile that leaves Angus wondering who the real Freya is and how he can persuade her to let him into her world…

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  • Mistletoe Kiss with the Heart Doctor

    Harlequin, December 2020

    When Dr Elsa McCrae rescues a mortified Dr Marcus Pierce from a fall into an underground cave, planning the usual Christmas party for her local community has to take a backseat! Forced to accept Marc’s offer of help during the busy holiday season, the charming cardiologist soon has Elsa fighting to protect her heart, knowing he’ll return to the city as soon as the festivities are over...

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  • Pregnant Midwife on His Doorstep

    Harlequin, August 2020

    Neurosurgeon Josh O’Connor’s isolated island hideaway is on lockdown, but nothing will stop him entering a raging cyclone to rescue mum-to-be midwife Hannah Byrne. Hannah hasn’t found happiness since leaving her beloved Irish village. Yet stepping into Josh’s warm house, she starts to feel she might finally have found a home — for her and her unborn baby. Might Josh’s rescuing Hannah from the storm change both their lives for the better?

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  • Rescued by the Single Dad Doc

    Harlequin, January 2020

    Life has taught Dr Rachel Tilding the hard way that she can’t afford to let her guard down — ever! Except her new boss, Dr Tom Lavery, hasn’t read the memo. He’s known for sheltering all manner of waifs and strays, and Rachel feels uncomfortably like Tom’s latest project! She should be pushing back, but somehow Tom and his boys are starting to heal her wounded heart…

    Mills & Boon Medical – Dedicated professionals find escape, passion, comfort and love – in each other’s arms!

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Breaking News. Marion Lennox Writes Long Fiction!

Nov. 6, 2018

Today I received the first copy of my first BIG book from my publisher.  It’s the end of a long journey and maybe the start of another.

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Cooking By Heart

Nov. 28, 2016

In the warmth of Lily’s farmhouse kitchen, Jack and Lily learn that legacies can be a gift of the heart.

Click below to read an exclusive short story by Marion.

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Welcome to the new

Nov. 24, 2016

Today marks the launch of my brand new web site, and also the start of a dream. After years of running in circles trying o do too many things, my husband and I have settled in our beachside home and sorted priorities.

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