Breaking News. Marion Lennox Writes Long Fiction!

Nov. 6, 2018

Today I received the first copy of my first BIG book from my publisher.  It’s the end of a long journey and maybe the start of another.

Longer fiction has always seemed Too Hard. I like having fun with my characters, loving them and then leaving them to move on to the next bright, shiny story.  Call me shallow.

But Home To Turtle Bay wouldn’t let me leave.  I fell in love with Doctor Jennifer Rainbow Kelly and I fell in love with the crazy, wonderful community she finds herself in.

Like the little steam train in The Little Engine That Could (do you know that kids’ story by Watty Piper?  Fun but also truly inspirational)  I puffed along thinking `I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.

And now it’s magically it’s `I thought I could, I thought I could, I thought I could.

I love Turtle Bay.  I adore my cast of multi-generational characters, their ghosts, their shadows and their laughter.  Like Jenny, I’ve fallen hard for my geriatric dairy cows, my turtle hatchlings, my castaway dog called Drifter.

Home to Turtle Bay holds everything I look for in a read that’s pure enjoyment.  Love and laughter, beach, surf, farm, dogs, turtles, oh and did I mention drama?  You can’t have doctors without a little gore :-) I’ve had such fun with the Turtle Bay hospital staff, Nurse Deidre with her knitted bootees, Fraser who has to remember to remove his ancient fishing boots before he turns into a hospital orderly, and of course Doc Mclachlan, trapped by tragedy, but thank heaven for it because the island needs him.   And holding them all apart because she never, ever belonged, is Muriel.  The shadow of her past holds their future.  A surfing school at Turtle Bay?  Nonsense, and yet it’s been a dream for  three generations.

Anyway, see for yourself. Read for yourself.

And please, do let me know whether I need to start the I Think I Can process all over again.