Welcome to the new marionlennox.com

Nov. 24, 2016

Today marks the launch of my brand new web site, and also the start of a dream. After years of running in circles trying to do too many things, my husband and I have settled in our beachside home and sorted priorities.  Here are mine:

  • To spend time each day walking by the sea
  • To learn to make a seaside garden
  • To write the stories I love
  • To connect with you, my readers who’ve made my career possible.

So here I am. I have a lovely writerly garret but it’s not the sort of isolated garret a writer might starve in.  I have a standard route down to the refrigerator, plus an express lane, bannisters to slide down if the standard route’s not fast enough.

I also have a dog whose purpose is to remind me that life isn’t all about writing romance. It’s about regular snacks and walks and even just getting down on all fours and playing chasey round the desk. So meet Bonnie, my Garret-mate.


Bonnie’s a twelve month old miniature Schnauzer, one of a long line of Lennox family schnauzers, in my admittedly biased view, the best dogs in the world.  Bonnie sleeps on my feet while I write, she walks my legs off, she accompanies me on my kayak when the bay’s calm (she doesn’t take kindly to bumps)  and she generally keeps me sane.   I discuss my plots with her all the time but her advice is usually succinct. ‘Keep it simple, stupid, because you’re wasting walking/sleeping/kayaking time worrying about two lovers who already know where they’ll end up.’

But all my stories are different, I tell her, and she raises her incredible eyebrows and gives me The Look. Okay, I accept my books share the perennial search for a perfect lover and best friend rolled into one delicious package. My books ooze laughter, love, sizzle and a fabulous happy ending. I also don’t seem to have lost my farming roots, and now I have the sea on all sides. Thus cows and surf, rockpools and haystacks, love and laughter are my tropes, the fabric of my stories, the passion I share with you, with a delicious dollop of romance on the side. But I do still need to find plots.

And that’s why I’m finishing writing this now because it’s low tide. I’m off to paddle because the best place to find plots is in the watery magic of rock pools at low tide. I used to find plots at the top of haystacks.  For a while I had to make do with walking an inland lake. Now the sea calls….

Where do you do your dreaming? Bed’s good. Rock pools are better, but I’m open to suggestions. Meanwhile Bonnie, I’m coming...