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It's hard to believe my books have the capacity to reach so many. I sit in my home on Australia's South Coast, and I feel like my world expands about as far as the black swans I watch feeding on the sea grasses in the bay beneath my window. But just like the wading birds who spend summer here and then take off to the Northern Hemisphere during winter, my words also take off on a life of their own. They find their way to Cambridge, Kansas, Prague, Denpasar, Calcutta... all over the world. You write to me and I gain as much pleasure as when a migrating bird returns to our wetlands. Maybe even more.

Your generosity in sharing your enjoyment of my books keeps my butt in this chair, watching the waders rather than out disturbing them in my kayak. I suspect our local sea birds thank you, and so do I.

New Releases

  • Home to Turtle Bay

    Harlequin Mira, November 2018

    Dr Jennifer Kelly has reached the pinnacle of her career as a successful Manhattan obstetrician, complete with ambitious, blue–blooded fiancé. After a desolate childhood with a distant grandmother, life seems everything she's ever wanted.

    When a grandfather she's never heard of leaves her a dairy farm on an isolated Australian island – plus one depressed dog, thirty geriatric cows and a bunch of ancient surfboards – she plans a quick trip to put the farm up for sale. Her aloof, socialite grandmother Muriel is appalled, yet insists on accompanying her.

    Once there, Jenny finds herself caught, by cows, by turtles – and by Jack McLachlan, the overworked island doctor who desperately needs her help. Muriel's caught too, with ghosts of her wartime past threatening to crack the shell she's built with such dedication and care.

    But isn't Manhattan their home? How can two women give up the perfect world they've worked so hard for by taking a chance on…life?

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  • Love Unleashed

    Harlequin, November 2018

    A collision involving a truck from the local Animal Welfare means four doomed dogs are free to roam.  Each dog, has its own destiny, its own happy ever after to find.  Love Unleashed plots two of these stories.

    Love Unleashed is a combined re-release of two of Marion Lennox's most popular titles - Abby and the Bachelor Cop and Misty and the Single Dad. Watch this space for the final two Love Unleashed doggy tails, to be released April 2020.

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  • English Lord on Her Doorstep

    Harlequin, September 2018

    After a storm leaves handsome stranger Bryn Morgan stranded at Charlie's Outback farmhouse she plans to keep her distance! But as the weather intensifies Charlie seeks comfort in Bryn's reassuring arms. The night forges a bond between them which looks unbreakable – until day brings the revelation that Bryn is in fact Lord Carlisle! Can Bryn show Charlie that their differences can bring them closer?

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  • Finding His Wife, Finding a Son

    Harlequin, August 2018

    Reunited with his ex-wife…

    …and her secret son!

    In this Bondi Bay Heroes story, when doc Luc Braxton is called to a collapsed shopping mall the last person he expects to rescue from the rubble is his fiercely independent ex-wife, Dr. Beth Carmichael—and Toby, the little boy he never knew she had. But to keep them in his life, Luc must learn to love Beth the way she needs him to…

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Home to Turtle Bay Cover Preview

Breaking News. Marion Lennox Writes Long Fiction!

Nov. 6, 2018

Today I received the first copy of my first BIG book from my publisher.  It’s the end of a long journey and maybe the start of another.

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Cooking By Heart

Cooking By Heart

Nov. 28, 2016

In the warmth of Lily’s farmhouse kitchen, Jack and Lily learn that legacies can be a gift of the heart.

Click below to read an exclusive short story by Marion.

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Marion and Bonnie

Welcome to the new

Nov. 24, 2016

Today marks the launch of my brand new web site, and also the start of a dream. After years of running in circles trying to do too many things, my husband and I have settled in our beachside home and sorted priorities.

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